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5 things to bring to the Beach in Oregon

  1.    The Ultimate Sun Protection Kit!

The sun shines brightly here in Gearhart Oregon, and we want to help, so you can enjoy your beach stay without fear of sun exposure! As they say, better safe than sorry! So, here it is your ultimate sun protection kit! Trendy and protective beach hats will help you style your best looks while protecting you! Waterproof sunscreen, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying every time you go in and out of the water. That being said, do not forget to reapply every 2 or 3 hours for ultimate protection. Sunglasses, another trendy accessory that will keep your eyes protected all day, every day! A beach tent or umbrella, for those sun up to sun down beach-bums, not only will it protect you from sunburns, but it will help keep your belongings in one place and the shade!


  1.    Beach Toys.

Everyone likes beach toys, because there are no age requirements or expirations on fun! So, pack that giant Beach ball and kick it around the Gearhart Oregon beaches. The whole family can enjoy a friendly volleyball tournament or throw a frisbee around. No matter which activity you choose, make sure you have options. If the little ones are with, make sure you have the sand buckets and shovels to take those sandcastle photos for everyone to remember for years to come.


  1.    Beach Tote.

Although we don’t doubt your capabilities, we think that by this point you’re starting to wonder how you’ll manage to get all this fun gear to the beach! Well, have no fear we thought of that too. Beach totes are trendy and practical, big enough for the giant beach ball but handy to carry with those large handles. Also, great for keeping your belongings in one place while moving around Gearhart Oregon beaches.


  1.    Picnic

Any good day trip must include a picnic! Make sure to pack your favorite sandwich and snacks, maybe some fresh fruits! Don’t forget water and maybe sodas or juice! Of course, kids need treats too; it’s summer after all! Pack all your family favorites in a cooler so you can enjoy fresh food and drinks after some fun times in the sun! A little housekeeping note, please help us keep Gearhart Oregon beaches clean by properly disposing of your waste.


  1.    Swimsuit, Towel and Cover-ups.

Last but not least, if you’re not wearing it, make sure to pack your swimsuit! If you are wearing it, don’t forget a towel and cover-up, because once the sun goes down, it can get chilly! Or maybe you’ll want to go for a relaxing patio dinner at a nearby restaurant! Either way, you won’t regret packing a towel and cover-up! The other way around, if you are not wearing your swimsuit, don’t forget to bring it so that you can take a swim in the ocean!


After booking your rental with us at Gearhart Resort, you’ll be all set to join us for an outstanding beach stay in Gearhart Oregon!


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Summer by the Sea

Gearhart by the Sea Resort is the best seaside resort Oregon has to offer with beachfront condos and beautiful ocean views from your condo. Walk for miles on the beach or golf at Gearhart Golf Links. Maybe, even just relax and appreciate the scenic views right from your room.

Walk to the beach

The Oregon coast offers miles of beaches, and Gearhart is located on one of the longest ones. Wander on a sandy trail from the resort up over the lush’s dunes to miles of undeveloped beaches. Whether you walk south to the Necanicum river bay, or north to the Peter Iredale, an old shipwreck, you’ll easily spend hours exploring this beach. Wake up early and enjoy a peaceful sandy walk or get out on the board to surf the day! Stop by McMenamins and ask for a meal to go and take it with you to the beach. Don’t miss our beautiful seaside resort Oregon sunset.

Gearhart Golf Links

Gearhart Golf Links is one of Oregon’s oldest courses! Golf was brought by European visitors who found Gearhart’s landscape to be the perfect location to initiate golf as a regular Gearhart hobby. This beautiful northern coast makes for the picture-perfect backdrop to your drive shot, with mountains to the East and the Ocean on the West. A day of golf at Gearhart Golf Links offers a variety of links-style holes, and the rolling links complement perfectly the unique Scottish-style clubhouse, reinforcing the European roots. Come and tell us which hole is the most challenging, some say its number 18, because it’s long windy and uphill, while others would say its number 5 because of the challenging water hazard and twisty fairway. We say don’t underestimate any of them, because they all have their own set of challenges. Don’t forget about the nineteenth hole at the Sand Trap or Pot Bunker bars!

Razor Clam hunting

Oregon is known for its razor clams, which are as fun to catch as they are tasty. Here are some tips if you haven’t had a chance to razor clam hunt before. Razor clams are fast, so it’s a digging race between you and them. While you dig, be careful because their shells are razor-sharp, hence their name. The simplest way to catch them is by using a clam-gun. Lastly, the lower the tide, the bigger the hunting grounds. You must try razor clam hunting during your stay in our seaside resort Oregon.


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