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Gearhart By The Sea will be open for lodging starting June 5th

Gearhart By The Sea will be open for lodging starting June 5th

Clatsop County took executive action yesterday afternoon, which effectively shuts down all hotels, vacation rentals, and campgrounds. This Order applies to Gearhart properties, as the City is not under its own emergency closure ordinance. We recognize that you may not be aware of the new restrictions, and they could pose a hardship for your business and guests.

The situation on the Oregon Coast, like much of Oregon, is fluid, and the actions taken by the County Commission were in response to a massive influx of visitors who arrived during the period, which normally was spring break. The County took these actions because of reports that the people were not maintaining social distancing practices, and because the County does not have the healthcare resources to serve a large number of people seeking emergency services.

The County, emergency closure ordinance begins at 12:00 pm today, March 23, 2020. It is scheduled to last 14 days, but it is possible that the County will extend it. We will make all efforts to relay current information to you in the event that the County extends the Ordinance.

City staff is reaching out to all of these businesses.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Chad Sweet

Gearhart City Administrator

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